These rules help to protect our customers, our property, and ourselves. Thank you for choosing Party Yardy and complying with our policies. Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns.

Service Area

We operate only with Santa Clara County, California, within a 10-mile radius of Rivermark Village, Santa Clara.

There is no delivery charge within 95054 zip code. Deliveries outside of 95054 will incur delivery fees based on distance.

Rental & Reservations

  1. You are renting the display for an agreed-upon amount of time. We do not currently do retail sales of any display items.

  2. The display will be setup and removed by Party Yardy. Customers, recipients, or any other third parties may not move or remove any signs. The customer will be invoiced for missing or damaged signs.

  3. Graphics and lettering colors are subject to availability. We will create a design that meets your overall theme requirements, but individual elements may vary from example photos / prior displays.

  4. Unless otherwise noted for certain seasonal specials, reservations must be made more than 72 hours in advance and must be paid in full upon invoice receipt.

  5. We can setup in natural turf only, no gravel or artificial turf.

  6. We can setup on private property only, with permission of the owner or resident. We cannot setup in parks, public right of ways, or apartment building common areas unless the purchaser provides written documentation of permission from the relevant authority.

  7. We are not responsible for vandalism in the form of the yard greeting being altered to inappropriate or profane words or phrases.

  8. We reserve the right to photograph our cards and use them for marketing and other purposes. Any visible house numbers & car license plate numbers will be blurred for public posts.

  9. Party Yardy and all representatives are not responsible or liable for any injury or damage that may be caused to any person or personal property during the setup or removal of any rental.

Preparing for Your Display

  1. If you have a lawn crew, please arrange for them to come before we set up. Mowing / trimming / watering around the display can damage the signs. You will be invoiced for any damaged signs.

  2. We request that you please water your lawn in advance of our setup. Soft ground helps us to setup with minimal damage to your grass.

  3. Please keep animals out of the delivery area during the setup and removal windows. Pick up any animal waste in the display area.

  4. Please turn off any automatic sprinklers for the duration of the rental. The signs are waterproof, but the pressure of the water spray can damaged them.

  5. If the display is a surprise for someone in your household, you may wish to close blinds and/or turn off electronic doorbell notifications during the setup window to avoid ruining the surprise.

  6. If the display is a surprise for someone in a different household, someone else in that household must be aware of the display being setup.

  7. We will provide an arrival window, but cannot guarantee a specific arrival time. You may request that we text you when we are en route to your setup.


  1. For our safety, our preference is to setup during daylight hours (generally between 6am - 10am). For setups after dark, we require that a member of the household acknowledge our arrival before we begin setup. At the time of reservation, we will agree upon setup and removal time windows.

  2. For the safety of everyone, especially children, please do not allow people or animals to play on or around the lawn greetings display. Our display items will not safely support the weight of a child or adult leaning, sitting or playing on it.

  3. Please do not attach anything, such as balloons, streamers, or silly string, to any part of the display, as these can damage the printing. You will be invoiced for damaged signs.

Cancellations and Refunds

  1. Full refunds will be given for cancellations up to 72 hours before the start of the agreed-upon arrival window. Cancellations after this time will receive a 50% refund, or may apply the paid amount to a later reservation.

  2. All reservations are subject to weather and air quality conditions. If extreme weather or air quality conditions prevent us from delivering your display, we will provide a full refund or work with you to reschedule.

  3. No refunds will be issued for the following:

    • Customer provided incorrect address.

    • Party Yardy being denied access the setup area by a resident or community security personnel.

    • The recipient requesting us to remove the display.

    • Inability to setup due to animals being present in the display area.

Conditions for Rentals in Rivermark

Displays scheduled on Wednesday in Rivermark grass lawns will only be placed after the lawn management crews have completed their work in the recipient's yard. This may delay setup beyond our typical window of 6am - 10am.